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Your Ovaloop Questions, Answered.

Who we are

What is Ovaloop?

A one-stop business application for business and Inventory management.

What can you do on Ovaloop?

Manage your inventory, staff, and orders, you can also generate your daily, weekly, and monthly reports on Ovaloop.

How does Ovaloop work?

Users can create their own store with basic information using their email address, phone number, username, and a store name on the Ovaloop platform. Ovaloop allows users to create their own stores and input or import your inventory into Ovaloop.

You will find features and tools that will help you manage your business from taking an order through processing the order and the staff involved, selling, collecting payment and delivering to your customers. Ovaloop is also designed to fit all screens and you can even sell when you are offline.

What is an inventory log?

Inventory logs are used to keep track of inventory/stock such as who sold the inventory, quantity fulfilled and the total inventory cost.

Where can I retrieve the Transaction ID for my transaction?

You can retrieve the transaction ID from your transaction history or the email notification you receive when you perform transactions on Ovaloop.

Getting Started (Ovaloop account)

What is Ovaloop account for?

Ovaloop account offers you business management solutions on the Ovaloop platform.

What can I use Ovaloop account for?

Ovaloop offers customers access to various inventory/business management tools that can manage stock, view and monitor your small production and business processes and the staff attached to the business.
Your business can collect payment and receive instant payment verification via virtual accounts on Ovaloop.

How do I create Ovaloop account?

To create an Ovaloop account, click here or send email to support@ovaloop.com. We will contact you on how to set up your Ovaloop account.

Why do I need to verify my Ovaloop account?

A verified business account allows you to carry out important transactions such as to withdraw funds from your Ovaloop settlement account.

I forgot my Ovaloop account password, what do I do?

If password is forgotten, please use this link to reset password or send an email to support@ovaloop.com using your registered email address.


How do I open an Ovaloop account?

Opening an Ovaloop account is free and easy. You can do it via the following channels:

1. Go to the Google Play or IOS store on your device, download the Ovaloop app, click on 'Sign Up', and follow the instructions from there.
For Android device click here
For iOS device click here

2. Visit www.ovaloop.com and click the 'Get Started' button in the top right of the

How can I fund my wallet on my Ovaloop account?

You can fund your Ovaloop wallet via internet banking or a bank mobile app by transferring funds from your bank account directly to your Ovaloop wallet.

Can I have more than one Ovaloop account?

Yes, it is possible to have multiple Ovaloop accounts. OVALOOP accounts are tied to phone numbers or email addresses. However, one phone number or email address can only be tied to one Ovaloop account. It is not often recommended as you may encounter some limitations and may not enjoy the full benefits of the platform.

Are there any subscription fees for using Ovaloop services?

Yes, although there is a free version but there are subscription fees to be paid monthly to access premium features.

I created an Ovaloop account online, however, I did not receive a verification email.

Log in to your Ovaloop account and double check the email address you've entered is the correct one. Once you confirm your email address, we will send you another email. You should receive the email within seconds. If you don't see it in your main email folder, check your spam folder. Your email service may have accidentally sent our email there.


Does Ovaloop know my Password, is it secure?

No. Ovaloop does not know your Password. Your Password is created by you and should be known by only you. Ovaloop will never ask you for verbal or written authentication of your PASSWORD. This information is encrypted and blocked from viewing by anyone, including Ovaloop employees.

Is it ok to provide my account details such as username and password when asked?

Under no circumstances should a customer provide anyone, even members of Ovaloop, with login information i.e. username and password. We will never require you to provide us with such information over the phone, in person, or by email, nor will we send out emails with links or buttons telling you to update your account.

My Ovaloop account is locked, what should I do?

We take security very seriously and will lock an account when we identify a security risk such as multiple failed logins, or potentially fraudulent account activity.

Note that we will direct you to the password reset page after 3 failed login attempts. However, if you ignore the password reset prompt and you get 5 failed logins, then we will lock your account for 12 hours. However, you can still call our customer support team within the 12 hours window to unlock your account.

To unlock your account, contact our customer support team via any of these channels;

Email: info@ovaloop.com

What is the security image for?

The security image is an additional step in securing your ovaloop account. It is displayed to show you the site you are entering is the genuine Ovaloop website.

If your security image is NOT displayed correctly, DO NOT enter your password, leave the site immediately, and send us Dm at info@ovaloop.com

Ovaloop WIP

What is WIP?

Work-in-Progress (WIP) is a feature that captures a small production process within a business from assigning the task to staff to completion stage.

Who can use the WIP feature?

An SME with a small production process. Examples are tailors, bakeries, Hair & Beauty etc.

Can I customize WIP for my business?

Yes, as WIP feature is designed to be flexible for a wide range of local businesses.

Who can view the WIP?

Ovaloop allows business owners to assign permissions to staff who they want to view or monitor this process.

Who can initiate a WIP process?

The admin or any other person assigned that permission.

Ovaloop Tables

What is Table feature?

The table feature is specifically designed for restaurants, bars, lounges and other recreational facilities that provide services per table located within the premises.

Who can use the Table feature?

Any business that sells their products or services on each table within their premises. Examples are restaurants, lounges, bars etc.

Can I view the bill and order of each table?

Yes, the table feature allows users capture information such as the order and prices on each table.

Can I view the staff assigned to a table?

Yes, the table feature allows a business owner to view the staff attached to each table.

Can I cancel the order on a table?

Yes, only the admin and a person the right can cancel the order on each table.

Instant Payment Verification

How does instant payment verification work?

Ovaloop allow users to generate virtual accounts valid for only 30mins that can be shared to their customers. When customers make payments, they get instant payment verification on the status of the payment.

Can I cancel a virtual account sent to a customer?

No, you can’t cancel a virtual account once it has been initiated, although you can recreate another virtual account.

Can I set up my bank to receive instant payment verification?

No, only virtual account from Ovaloop.

Will the depositor receive a message from Ovaloop?

Depositors will most likely receive a debit alert message or notification from their local bank and not Ovaloop.

Will I receive alerts after a successful transaction?

Users will receive a notification on successful transactions.

Contact channel

What are Ovaloop support hours?

We provide 24hours support

Where can I reach Ovaloop?

You can always send an email to support@ovaloop.com


How can I see my transaction history?

Click on the "Transactions History" tab to view your history, also search for a specific transaction history.

How can I access my money on Ovaloop?

Ovaloop will deposit the funds from your wallet account into your settlement bank account on request.

Can I view my transaction history?

Yes, Ovaloop allows user to view their transaction history via their dashboard.


How do I receive money into my bank account from my Ovaloop's wallet?

You will have to setup a settlement account by visiting the settings page to setup your account.

When do I receive my money in my settlement account?

You can receive money 24 hours after each request.